Thursday, December 13, 2012

At the Breaking Point

It’s very difficult for a shit head like me to stay in limits all the time just because I want to pose myself normal to the people I hate the most.  Yes, I try to settle down the inner me in public as much as I can but you know what, there are times when people force me to cross my breaking point. No matter what was one of the finest examples of it!

Today, I am here to announce that it happens again! Today I am going to talk to all the freaks a.k.a so called IT geniuses in Pakistan. The people who start to dance like a monkey when they receive a performance certificate from a politician who have no freaking idea of what this certificate is all about... I am addressing to the people who are ready to lick asses just to have a word of recommendation from the people who are the IT managers of some of the high end government organizations who think that shortcut to copy and paste is the innovation of the 21st century.

I am discoursing to the butt kissers who appreciate other’s nonsense and call them the genius of the century who actually have no freaking idea of the difference between “F2” and “F+2”.

I don’t want to be rude but seriously FUCK YOU... ALL OF YOU!

So, you people think that you are the future of the nation? You people are the one who are going to take country to the next level? Well honestly you people cannot move your own butts without the authority letter from the soul brokers above you!

You people are dumb heads who think yourself the king after having a snap with an actor or a queen after receiving a shitty award from the president of the country (who is not certain on his own desk anyways!). You people feel yourself superior by showing off yourself in the TV programs which have nothing to do with freaking IT!

I would have digested all if...

You would have encouraged to judge people from their talent and now how he/she looks... if you decided to respect other professionals instead of biting each other on a professional level... if you feel proud of getting endorsement words from other kick ass professional instead of the dude with TRPs... I would have eaten all of the above if you would have spoken your own voice instead of believing the dictation as a religion.

But now I think... neither you are going to change... nor me!

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