Monday, November 26, 2012

A Betrayal

Guest Post by an Extremely Insane Abnormal Thinker! 

Hello friend,

How are you? I hope you are in a good health and everything is fine with you. Actually I know that you are more then fine (touch wood) as you mistakenly passed by me yesterday but then when you were just a few steps away from you decided to turn around and walk away. Let me tell you that it was devastating. . .  Any how I asked about your health as I had no better way to start the letter, so coming straight to my point now I know you have been way too busy with the new alliance you have made now. . .  Not that I am not happy for you, for having such an amazing partner with you that you ever d u dreamed of, trust me I am, from all my heart. I am happy that you have it with you now and that you have such a good company. But tell me my friend is it same like having me beside you . . . is it the same kind of fun that we had together. I have heard that you have changed the way, it wanted you to be. I have heard that you have become more stern and pro-type and I think it is good in a way, after all one has to be this way when you want to achieve something so I am happy that you are progressing but does that mean to forgot your old friend and turn your back towards them.  Haven’t you heard that “Make new friends but don’t forget old because Old is Gold” and I just wanted to ask then WHY DID YOU FORGET ME?  ... I was there with you when you had no one around. And I loved you for who you were and no matter how flawed and (seldom) stupid you sound I heard you not to mention at times when you were all down or pissed, you used to sit beside me and whisper everything in my ear and I locked all you secret in a deep room of my heart so that no one can reach there yet…

AH I JUST MISS ALL OF THIS LIKE ANYTHING. Tell me is it the same with the new alliance :(

I don’t think I can go any further and am happy that we are in a digital world else  my letter would have been all soaked with my tears that you don’t care about any more. Remember you once said you would never forget me no matter who came into your life, and you would stay there beside me for always but you aren’t any more there or me! No I am not being a girl and neither am I complaining. All I just wanted to let you know is that I have been missing you quite a lot lately. Not just me some more of your friends* and we wish that you come back to us like the way you were the care-free the joyful you.

From your old friend who miss you like hell. I hope you remember me with my same name i.e

PS: Although I shouldn't say that but hate your new alliance Sorry i didnt mean that.... Butt errr I so hate it, bloody friend snatcher. Oops I dint mean that just remember I miss you please come back. Bye

This message is purely from and I just helped it to put its message forward to you. It was complaining that you haven’t been answering it lately and even your phone is dead for past two days.

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