Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Fox and the Horse.

Fox, an animal with four legs, but this is not all Fox is famous for but a lot more like brain and plan plotter. Usually fox is denoted to the humans (females) who play politics at certain levels for e.g home and others. From politics I really mean the politics of Pakistan.

I do agree with all the qualities described above but my observation didn’t stops here, it moves further and explores some different truths and few more characteristics on me.

Not as back as you have to say once upon a time but only move few months back, 3 days before her birthday… She was one of my very good friend (at least I think she was) I called her to celebrate the birthday together… She was excited but she said No as she was busy somewhere…and I said ok let me know whenever you will be free.

Though I am a horse with four legs and she was a fox. Most of my friends told me that she is dangerous and she will ditch you the moment she think she didn’t needs you but I always thought they all are stupid how can an animal ditch an animal… Thant’s true that we are not from the same specie but at least we do have four legs in common at least she is not human… she cannot ditch me.

Guess I was wrong… She called me a day after her birthday as she wants to meet and celebrate. We decided to meet on the north side of the jungle popularly known as Green side.

It was 9:30 PM I was waiting for her at the decided place “Green side”, it was very unusual that I was waiting for her as she is very punctual about time and it’s already 30 minutes late but I decided to stay and wait for her.

I sit on a bench, having her gift in my hand which I brought on the same day facing all the shit of rush hours but still a smile on my face… smile, may be because I am excited but that is what I was at that time. One can easily feel the pureness of friendship on my face and at the same time a monkey through the apple from the tree. It was him “askale”, (Popularly known as the messenger in our jungle). He came down and come nearer to my ear and delivers me her message.

“She is tired and can’t come!” It could be the day of death for Askale but I controlled myself and realize the importance of me in her life.

I was standing and her gift was still with me wrapped in a red and white gift paper and a card written “for my best friend”. I was finding a mirror to see myself in it and tell myself “Fucking Fool”. I take the gift out of the gift paper and throw is hard on the tree as it break in to millions of small pieces and this is how I celebrate her birthday!

I don’t know what she wants and I don’t care now of what she wants as I am finally out of the trauma. I don’t know if I am a friend of her anymore or not but she teaches me a lesson not to trust anyone, no matter how close you are.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flood in Pakistan – From My Eye

I was there in the flood relief camp with friends and other people who were working hard with their souls to help the victims of floods. It was horrible to see the pictures and I also appreciate every single person who actually went then to help them in the month of Ramadan. I truly respect all of those people who help by their services, financially and in any manner they can.

But my question is different? I do realize the seriousness of flood and how many people are actually suffering from this. But still my point: Is Flood the only killer of those hundreds of innocent people of Pakistan? And if you think yes! My friends think again.

Humans from all over the world, and I really means human not those who have M4A1 in their hands, who can kill Palestinian children but still they are innocent and their spiritual leaders says to RIP off these evils from earth… Bloody Vampires oh let me call it Innocent Vampires… anyways… the humans and human lovers sent their contribution and aids but do the effected people actually got that? Or its available for sale in the markets?

According to the government officials there were like 42 medical camps available one particular area (don’t really want to disclose the area) but when one of my friends with his team visited that area they found themselves the 1st team to setup the medical camp. The government is helping the flood victims on the papers may be but the only problem is these people are really down to ground so this documentation shit wont gonna work anymore, I can understand this… when a government will? That’s my question?

Look at the picture above! If you are not going to help them today in this time. If you want business from the aid. Honestly I pray to GOD next should be you.