Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Karachi Tips on Facebook Rocks!

Ok, first thing first, I am writing about them because I like them and I feel like supporting them and may be this help RJ Kulsoom of FM 100 condensing that we as a listener want them to be on the hot seat to entertain us in real time environment! On the other hand this topic and kind of activity they are doing completely fits the banner of Abnormal Thinker so…!

I am not sure who they are and what they want (and why are you really interested in that?) but I read one of the tweet on twitter that says…

Never whole-heartedly believe your exam schedule. Strikes happen!

I guess someone of my twitter friend re-tweeted this as I was not following them directly, This makes me laugh exactly the way you are laughing right now… and if you are not smiling and thinking this is a crap then there Burger Tips for you too…JANI :)

I hardly watch TV but this activity is surly the Azizi on Internet, tips are actually not only a good read but also a notification to government officials that ‘sir! thura halka hath… you know slowly hands!’
The Real Agha Juice has no other branch!’ and ‘Dr. Mujtaba have more billboards then Katrina Kaif’ conforms that the brain is purely from Gulshan!! :) (I think!)

Couple of months back I wrote an encounter between Chuck Norris and Rambo and I really thought they are the only two bad asses…. My mistake I forget the few more! :) (To laugh on this you need to go through the tips again!)

Although, few of them are vulgar enough but consider the good part, at least for now this is a supporting post :)

The good thing about Karachi is everybody can think and come up with their own tips but one must give them the credit as they were the 1st. Obviously credit goes to them but here are few of my own tips (would appreciate if you can add!)

         1.       Raat may Bhook? CafĂ© Piyala Always works!
         2.       Never reach in any coaching class on time… Don’t be Uthawo!
         3.       When on date always pack the remaining food and then give it to your friend… laly sirf tery liye…
         4.       Whenever a new bachi request you for the balance… no jani... don’t get fooled by her innocent looks.
         5.       Shopping in Karachi?… Bargain no matter if it is a fixed price shop…

Stuff from my brains… :)

But seriously, amount of work you (or group of people) are doing is simply appreciating…Thumbs up from my side.

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