Monday, July 16, 2012

#Mozcation in Pakistan - A Solid Justification

Even having my hands full with the inauguration of my professional blog named as that is apparently a BIG deal for me, SEOMoz being my first love will always remain my first priority.

SEOmoz recently announced #Mozcation 2012 according to which one can pitch something special to convince Moz team to come to their city. Well of course, how could I let go of such an awesome opportunity of calling the great MOZ wizards to my country? Therefore, here goes my contribution!

Except for fact that thousands of die-hard SEOmoz fans like me, fancy MOZ wizards to come to our town and teach us some of their impeccable magic tricks, here are some more reasons why they should visit us in Pakistan:

Idea of a Perfect Search Conference: 

In my opinion, an ideal search conference should have awesome speakers, great listeners, healthy communication and great chances of business opportunities.

Now this is where Pakistan has advantage over many others. Pakistan is a major outsourcing hub with lots of people ready to learn new stuff from the great minds.

Awesome Speakers = Team from MozPlex is awesome... any doubt? Other than that we have great minds like Rishadullah Sheikh to talk on Social Media.

Great Listeners = that’s me and many others in the city and country! Being an outsourcing hub people in Pakistan are always willing to stay up to date and learn something new each day, so they can stay in the race.  Ofcourse who else can give us better insight of the search industry than the gurus’ from Mozplex?

Healthy Communication = There are lot of businesses who have serious fear to invest in search and SEO. The communication will be awesome and I hope SEOmoz will be able to make people realize if they are leaving search they are seriously letting their competition to go win over them!

Business Opportunities = typically conferences and meet-ups give chance for business relationships to grow but what is the business profit of SEOmoz?

Not many people are aware of the efficacy and marvel SEOmoz tools can for businesses. Who could be better than the marvellous people who created it, to make people understand the worth of these splendid tools and how it can help businesses to choose the correct line of action.

This might be the idea of a perfect search conference and if SEOmoz decided to come here, we can actually make it a reality but...

All work and no play will apparently make Jack a dull boy so where we will be partying after a perfect search conference?!

Why SEOmoz should come to Karachi?

Because we have amazing picturesque places to visit that, they may have dreamed of!

Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam (Father of the Nation)


Beaches (lot of them)

Rikshaw taxi that you have never tried before!

Bowling for some unlimited fun!

Concerns from SEOmoz!

One of the major concerns that SEOmoz might have is security as they may have seen through Media! They might think that this is how Pakistan looks!


Who we really are?

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