Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yet, Another Birthday!

It’s my Birthday but this was a little weird one! There were lot of people called me, SMS, emails and so much more but you know what these was something missing which was available back then!

Most people to called me, emailed me, SMS and stuff are mostly from my professional network… so it’s less love and more networking involved… kind of polluted I must say :)

There were few who called and SMSed with the pure intention to make me feel good so thank you all of them :) but what’s not available was:

  • No wishes from a family
  • No call or SMS from friends
  • No Surprise
  • No party scene 

These small deeds create really special moves in life but you know what life moves on even without it!

For those who wish me a Birthday… Thank you! And those who don’t… No Problem! I had a one man party scene and it was awesome!

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