Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wadery ka Beta – The Abnormally Viral Content

I think what I am about to write will be interesting, mostly from two different perspective, 1) this is not the style of post I usually write on Abnormal Thinker 2) This is the question that is popping up in many minds.

People in my friend circle knows that I am a search and social strategist and spend hours doing research and looking at the GA reports. It was yet another day when my younger brother who has nothing to do with IT, he is totally in to agriculture asked me a simple question that how come this video song go so viral when there are other similar stuff around that are not that famous?

I give him a very casual answer, but I really wanted to know why and how this video content goes so viral within a short span of time?

**I did a simple research that actually tells me multiple reasons why this content goes viral as compare to other similar content who didn’t hit the 25k of views even in a month!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Compare?... talk some sense!

I am not sure why people are such hypocrites and narrow minded…I sometimes think of putting them all on fire and wait until they burn to death.

Yet again someone shared a picture on my facebook wall that wanted me to differentiate between Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie’s contribution in the IT sphere and then hate Steve for earning more popularity over his death then Dennis… I mean really? Are you seriously out of your mind or what?