Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wadery ka Beta – The Abnormally Viral Content

I think what I am about to write will be interesting, mostly from two different perspective, 1) this is not the style of post I usually write on Abnormal Thinker 2) This is the question that is popping up in many minds.

People in my friend circle knows that I am a search and social strategist and spend hours doing research and looking at the GA reports. It was yet another day when my younger brother who has nothing to do with IT, he is totally in to agriculture asked me a simple question that how come this video song go so viral when there are other similar stuff around that are not that famous?

I give him a very casual answer, but I really wanted to know why and how this video content goes so viral within a short span of time?

**I did a simple research that actually tells me multiple reasons why this content goes viral as compare to other similar content who didn’t hit the 25k of views even in a month!

The Topic is HOT as fire:

The current government of Pakistan is Sindhi and this song also represents a guy who is Sindhi with his roots to political background. The people are already way too much frustrated with the government policies and this was a solid comedy representation of how people feel about the government and their policies.

Humor usually works well then a serious content and when it comes to comedy content that represents the voice of the nation… sharing is almost must!

Music is normally viral:

Music videos are usually more shareable then other videos especially when the music is original and self made instead of mimicry. Honestly if you made a classy humor like this with all a good original music I will give me +10 to you without even giving a second thought.

Personal Assumption: Coke Studio Session 5 give a little helps:

The targeted audience is in a mood to listen to any good music at the moment because coke studio is all in the air.

Video Quality:

One of the few reasons why these kinds of video content go fail is because most of the videos contain a bad video quality. The major different I found in this video is the HD quality of the video which was super amazing.

Gilani’s kick off:

The good bye Gilani case give this songs a viral boost… people started to related that saineen with that saineen (if you know what I mean)

The Tag line “Saineen to Sanieen”:

Last but not the least the tag line ‘Sanieen to Sanieen’ pays of really well. It allows people to use their imagination and go as creative as possible.

This was just a small research on why I think this video go viral than any other similar kind of videos. If you like the post you can always say, ‘Sanieen to sanieen, sanieen ki blog post be sanieen!’ :D

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