Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Compare?... talk some sense!

I am not sure why people are such hypocrites and narrow minded…I sometimes think of putting them all on fire and wait until they burn to death.

Yet again someone shared a picture on my facebook wall that wanted me to differentiate between Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie’s contribution in the IT sphere and then hate Steve for earning more popularity over his death then Dennis… I mean really? Are you seriously out of your mind or what?

I am a fan of Steve Jobs but to me Dennis is as respectful as Steve is. So, if you want me to hate anyone of them (pardon my language) but seriously FUCK you!  Steve claim to fame wasn’t his death but his work which he did, when alive, he was one of the most reputable, creative and inspiring business persons of this decade. Dennis on the other hand was a geek programmer, who made drastic changes to the world of programming and brought it to a new level. For heaven sake one is business person and the other one a geek programmer, can’t you see the difference.

Comparing a business person and a computer science geek is same as comparing mango and apple and let mango win because of its taste… #wtf

I wouldn’t be shocked if the next morning a Steve’s fan came up and demand for a national medal of technology to Steve because Dennis have one…

Guys please get a life and talk some sense! Seriously. 

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