Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Chase continues…

Hello to the wall of this container named Abnormal! I am sure by now you got the thick skin on you because of your ability to listen to me and say nothing (I can say this as you are still not dead).

I am here just to update you a little more, so the information is that you should have to be a little thicker to survive because chemically something impossible has already happened. Yes! For the first time in the history, two helium (He) react with each other on an emotional level with the hope to become He2.

Moving on two more news for you!

One will make you smile and the other will make you laugh so try to tighten your pant belts and get started!

Thing that make you smile is that I am checking out a friend of mine who got a white face and an orange hat all the time… she is beautiful but headless. Remember the two basic rules we decided for any female abnormal who join us? She has to be beautiful and headless! (above all :p)

And the other thing that might make you laugh is that my chase for her is not only to make her group member! #justsaying

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