Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I see dead people!

Marry: This city is old; it contains history, cultures and stories in it. Many famous people lived and died here, and this building at the right hand, this used to be our home… my sisters and I used to live here.

Cole: (While looking at the building and right opposite to it) you hate that place, don’t you?

Marry: No Son, I spent some good years of my life here! I absolutely like this place… didn’t you like it?

Cole: No you don’t! Grandfather used to hit grand mom with a stick that he kept with him all the time… and the night you left home with father, grandfather had that knife in his hand and he wanted to kill you… he was drunk!

Marry: (She could feel her body turning cold with fear. She was shivering and her eyes were filled with terror and her voice was trembling!) Cole, who told you this?

Cole: Father!

Marry: Last time you met your father you was 3 Cole! (this time in a louder pitch!) Who told you this?

Cole: You think all men are unfaithful because father went for a business trip and he never came back…? he died in an accident!

Marry: (The wind roaring and marry literally started crying… she shouted with anger) who told to this, Cole?

Cole: He pointed his finger to an empty place. A little far from the building! He said, ‘Father!’ then he said, ‘Mom! I see dead people, they talk to me!’

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