Friday, April 27, 2012


You pray because you know if you don’t, your GOD will throw you to hell that he created. You are nice to the people because if you don’t you will not get the reward. It sounds more like a point game with your God. The more you are going to follow the guidelines the more you are going to get rewards and the one with the maximum points will get the most desirable place in the heaven he created.

All in all you have God that in a way forces you to put your head down and call him the most powerful the most merciful. Your God is so calculated and seems more like mathematical. The more you do the good the more good you will get but the moment you do wrong you will get a punishment.

I am sorry, but if this is the case then I got my own GOD!

I have a God different from yours, he didn’t force me to get my head down in front of him but he proves me that he is the one who created this so complex world and he is the only one who have the authority to change and this certainly make me put myself on the knees and put my head down to shout that he is powerful and merciful and beyond imaginations.

I have a God that allows me to feel and act free, under no pressure. I have a God who forgive me for my sins and offer me chances. I have a God that set the guidelines of living and then give me enough brain to think and decide what to do and what’s not to do. My God does have a heaven and hell but there is no point gaining game going on!

My God is super awesome, and he must have a solid reason for this heaven hell thing. The one who create and running this whole world so perfectly can’t play a lousy point game. There must be something! I am not sure what but…

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