Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Back!

I did a hibernation post on Abnormal Thinker, a while back when I was actually participating in 6S fiction writing but this time my insanity ‘power off’ has a different reason, this time I was working my ass off and building links to get the 1st page ranking for a keyword that have the keyword difficulty level of more than 85%.

The Journey of building links and bring better online visibility is continuous and I will keep doing that but now I finally decided to get back in action and give some time to the things that I left for a while like being Abnormal or I would say being real to myself.

“I am back”, this may sounds like a macho line as if I am joining Chuck Norris ledge but whatever you think this time it’s different, it’s organized, it’s properly planed and its way more powerful than ever before as this time I got a partner in crime with me!

Stay tuned for some greater action of abnormal party in, out and around the blog!

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