Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hate what you are wearing right now

This Post is written by the partner in Crime, shamelessly titled as another Abnormal Thinker!

 Dear Friend,

Hey you there, how are you? Yeah I know you must be wondering why I am writing this letter to you when we can easily chat over phone or something. It’s just that I have been holding something back to say to you for quite sometime but I was confused how to put it in words so I decided to write a letter to convey my message. This letter is written with all good intentions. I just wanted to share my opinion about something that is quite personal to you. Please forgive me if I hurt your feeling but seriously I hate what you are wearing right now!!!

I really don’t know what’s wrong with you at times. We have been in good alliance for quite sometime now and as far as I know you, you are a pretty cool person and you have moderately good esthetic sense to be honest. Although I am not a big fan of almost same colored wardrobe that you use every day but it is quite bearable, until you decide to wear this specific thing.

Being a friend of yours I decided to tell you this very politely, to spare your feelings but I think there are no better words to interpret how you actually look while wearing it! Trust me I am actually being humble by saying this that my friend you seriously look ugly in it.

Sometimes I feel like asking if it is your own choice or is it a gift from some one because if you have bought it on your own you should better check for their exchange offer! Or it is a gift, then it must have been from some very special that you accepted something like this and you use it so boldly (quite often these days).

Yes I am taking about exactly same thing you are wearing right now and that is your ugly frown!
Not so polite Friend!

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