Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Sound of SHE.

The days were somewhat nearer to my birthday last year when that guitar strings moved and produced an unusual sound. For normal people it was just another sound in the rhythm but to me it was the only sound that I can relate to.

The sound may be insane, crazy and to some extend weird but honestly when I had one to one with my inner soul, we concluded that it was the most beautiful sound ever.

It may sound silly, but who is not silly at the end of the day? Other then you like other people to call you Mr. /Miss perfect… everyone has played LUDO and UNU under the banner of ‘Indoor Games’; Silly right?

Crazy is what a sound should be! Sound with a normal passé is a voice in which we talk or communicate to fulfill our responsibilities and requirements. Sound should be loud; shout out and at a higher passé. Tell me you have never gone crazy and I will pass your nomination for the Oscar of Lie. Fact…ha?

Weird… yes it is! Allow me to take it to the next step that is insanity! And yes it is! And I guess it should be, because the sounds I can hear have all the guts to change the world… The freshness, the smooth, the un-worded expression, and the un-stoppable smell of purity… I bet! It’s the sound from the universe of purity - we call heaven!

On a wrapping note! The sound is the SHE I once dreamed of!

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