Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dead Shock!

I was that close the victory, the winning trophy was almost mine and even worst I was un officially announced as a winner then suddenly something happened and everything from head to toe went in to the bin. I suddenly got the news that I am out of the league… at one moment I was asking myself were you really participating in the game. I mean really?

I worked for this match like anything, I had no option, no chance, no alternatives nothing and everything was going as I wanted it to be. But you know! Life isn’t same all the time... it actually kicks me so hard that I am still in a shocked and thinking about where to recover? Oh! Let me remind myself there is no chance of recovery boss!

I had a plan to go easy on you people in February and through some really cool tips, share with you the power we can create as an Abnormal holding the psycho ideologies and especially the power of two NOT NORMAL people when they are on the same page but there was a twist in the movie that was not aware of… I can see all normal people laughing at me and I cannot hate them as they got a reason to do this.

I know I am looking shitter then I normally look, I know I am way too tube light as this is not me in a favorable state and honestly I am glad if you noticed me that way but I give a damn to my looks anyways… The worst part is I am like this for a reason, I know what the problem is but there is no way I can point the blame finger on anyone!

I am crazily angry at my last minute lost but I cannot yell at anything for this…

Ok, now the good part… The game has not over yet, nor did I quit… Trophy is no more nearer to me but I still have the hope to win it…

Remember one man said… It’s too fast and seems like a movie… if it really is a movie then this is the climax… Picture abhi baki hay mery dost…

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