Saturday, January 7, 2012

Own IT!

So what, if your friends are Jerk and don’t understand you… even if they try! No matter how really difficult it is for you to stay with and without them they will still be your friends. So what if they call you right at your study time and tell you that they are waiting down satire for sea view, you can’t hate them for what they are in real… unless they are not faking it… you have to own them! This is life!

Own IT!

So what if your girl friend or wife always checks your cell phone messages and phone call records? They will still be with you and you can’t get out of them. You cannot change them, sue them, pause them or simply delete them… No you can’t this is not real! This is all the part of life so…

Own IT!

(To whom it may Concern) So what if your PM/Boss is a shit head, lousy, idiot, psycho or simply a retarded they will still be your heads! You can’t deny the fact nor can you change it… its life…

And I Own IT! 

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