Friday, December 16, 2011

SEO is Dead - Again!

SEO is Dead!’ This is nothing new to me, I am in the industry for quite a long and I have seen many people coming up with this but today this was very different and funny so I thought to share it with the folks around!

It was no one else but my father who comes up with this! (No complains as he is not a tech savvy) so, here is the exact conversation I had with my father earlier today!

Dad: What’s your plan for the future?

Me: Well, what do exactly mean by that? I mean I have a job. I am ok with what I have in life and I am working hard to make things better for me!

Dad: Well may be! But now as we know that SEO is dead, you better find some serious profession!

Me: What? (Shocked!) This is a serious profession, and by-the-way how did you exactly figure out that SEO is Dead?

Dad: Well! I Google it the other day and I found out that SEO is dead!

Me: (eyes wide open) you actually Google it and find an article over there that says SEO is dead! Is that what you mean?

Dad: yeah! What’s wrong with that?

You see, to prove SEO is dead one have to Google and search for it :)

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