Saturday, December 10, 2011

Remember Jonny Bravo?

Remember Jonny Bravo? The one with the yellow hairs and black Tee, you think he is gone? But guess what, you are wrong!

He was there, he was looking the world from his own eye and when he saw world drowning in to the darkness of ugliness…and find out that the caliber of beauty contests is not according to his standards, he transforms himself in to a vampire and come again! He is Edward! He is the heart of all the girls around the world (including your girl friend)… he is the one who make girls scream in a quite cinema hall… yes he is back! He is the Edward of Twilight.

You know how I figure that out? It was when Bella asked him how he stopped the van! And he replied with full confidence, “Um... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it”. I mean can you really imagine this dumb answer from anyone else then Jonny Bravo? No wander Google is losing its market share from 90+% to 70% now!

I first thought that Jonny Bravo a.k.a Edward of twilight a.k.a Robert Pattinson (too white) is changed and finally he is smart enough that girls started to like him but the moment he open his mount and said to Bella, ‘You are my Life Now!’ I almost felt like kick his A**but before I did that I did a deeper analysis about him and figure out that, in his hibernation period (from Jonny Bravo to Edward of twilight) he did nothing but watched ‘Dil waly Dulhanya Lay jagye gay’ for more than 10 times… so it was quite natural to him!

I think some scenes are deleted from a movie when Edward was sleeping and repeating ‘Ki.. kir… Kiran’ in his dreams. I am glad that this movie isn’t based in Pakistan or India or else one of the most powerful dialogue would be ‘band kar dijye is Jahis ki rasam ko!’… ouch!

 What a Vampire is up to when he say to a human, ‘You don't know how long I've waited for you!’ In a normal state this sounds like the peep got the young fresh blood to have that he was waiting for so long but do I really have to tell what this girly, lousy and looser vampire is up to?

I am not sure why all girls love him like anything, may be they find him safe :p. No, don’t get me wrong but if you have a roosted chicken in front of you and you don’t eat it just because you are attracted to it! Then there are very few things I can think off, like may be chicken is not your taste :p

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