Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alamgir and Kristie Yung – A New height of Awesomeness

Let me agree with the fact that I usually talks about what’s shit in this world (or to be very precise, I talk more about the bullshit around me!) but obviously there are some good people as well.

 So, let’s discuss the amazing group of people who are smart enough to contribute very less but memorable in the Pakistani entertainment industry with their highly optimized and unique ideas that shocks me every time. You might not aware of Suharwardy Brothers but you defiantly remember “Early Days” or “Kaanch”, If you didn’t watch it till yet, you are seriously missing something… it’s still extra ordinary!

What’s Now?

Oh yes! This time, it was another and a bigger attempt and I think they have seriously pushed the limit of awesomeness. Here they go a song video with “Kristie Yung” with the legend “Alamgir”.

You can check-out the video here:

The Pop star Alamgir needs your help, and I guess what he did for this country one should help him under his limits. SB people did great job with a song and I must congrats them for that… As a blogger I can write and promote the cause and request my community to spread the words.

Checkout the song and you will not found a single reason not to share it and spread the words…

Great work by Suharwardy Brothers and yeah a great song by Alamgir and Kristie Yung!

Donate to save the Legend: HELP ALAMGIR. Or Download this song from Amazon for a Single Dollar,


(If you are not going to help today, no one is going to help you tomorrow!)

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