Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Reasons why you shouldn’t watch Titanic 3D

Choice of a movie has a direct Impact on one’s personality; which means if you like good movies you are a human with a good and positive personality and the other way around!

Regardless of the debate that Titanic is a worth watching movie or not, here are top 4 reasons why you should not watch Titanic 3D.

        1.       Same Old, Boring and Pathetic Story!
No matter if the technology hit the unbelievable grounds of 4 or 5D where a viewer will get in to the movie and feel all the moments but still the story will be the same. I mean why waste bucks when you know that the ship is going to drawn, when hero is going to die and above all even the dialogues are not going to change! #think!

         2.       It’s by James Cameron
Are you are still thinking of watching a movie? Are you serious? I mean the movie is by James Cameron mate! If you are a dude who like watching movies because of its story then you should never watch this movie… even Avatar contains the same story line as Titanic or any Bollywood Masala! #iloveyoustuff!
         3.       This is not the Only Movie to watch
This is 21st century and there are several movies that hit the board every day! So why not invest where there is a chance! #justsaying

         4.       It’s about Taste
Movies determine the taste of the people! So the million dollar question is, you got the taste? #thinkaboutit!

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