Thursday, February 20, 2014

Emotional Cancer!

I write quite a few pieces for this blog but didn’t really feel like publishing any, mainly because I don’t want to hurt anyone with my harsh writing style or let say I want that sugar wrapper as my over court but what happened after all the wrappers and all the lovie dovye attitude? One from my team fucks me hard enough to make me cry.


So, now I am back on “Abnormal Think” and thin time I care a fuck of what do you think about me and who is going to get hurt. I got the fucking heart and I fucking am going to write… if you got a problem get my middle finger tattoo on your ass! Feeling better?

There are actually two kind of people in this world, one who are idiot enough to get fucked by people and obviously other are the people who are always on for this holy duty but there is a third kind who are actually the superlative degree of the first kind!

They get fucked hard in public, trust the same people again and a continuous loop… That’s me!
The public service message is, “Don’t be the third kind… If Possible!”

What? You mean what about me?

I am a last stage cancer patient here!

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