Sunday, February 13, 2011

Power of IT, Is that a Joke to you?

To start, I am an IT professional and working in the field of Information Technology for couple of years. What makes me write this is not only an idea but one single Tweet by one of the very responsible and reputable person related to the field of IT.

Here is what she said:

In case you can’t see the picture the text I really want you to consider, “When will government realize the importance of IT sector?” words by Jehan Ara President of PASHA (Pakistan Software House Associations)

Very thought provoked tweet by a very important lady for the people who are related to information technology in Pakistan. I don’t know how many of the readers are in the IT industry or own any IT business but I am sure 100% of the users are the keen internet surfers, so an open question to all of you! How many of you think that a proper (well designed, well navigated and information based) website reflects companies/Associations image?

Well, if the website is of the Pakistan software house associations then the image is not only of the Association but the website should reflect the image of IT professionals in Pakistan, so ladies and gentle man here is your image.

Here, if you give a closer look the image you will see some numbers; these numbers with the rectangular boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 displays the perfection and intelligent image of the Pakistani IT professionals.

1. First tab is linked to the website ‘’ (This domain is redirected to the URL so The user on the home page after clicking this link will go back to the home page.

2. It says membership profile but after clicking this you will see the home page again.

3. ‘Apply Online’ this link will through you to the home page again may be it means we didn’t have the job so stay in a lane and wait :p

4. P@sha Videos any beginner of the web design field can notice the mistake here, the width of the video should be a resized so that it can fix the side bar.

What’s the Point?

When I discussed this with my friend, he said what’s the point? What’s the point of this all bullshit? Well, there is some point. A serious point I need to put in consideration!

I have no clue or idea that when is government going to understand the importance of IT, may be soon as they are finding more ways to get money from ones pocket but I really need to know when you are going to understand the importance of our image, not the image what PASHA has but the image of Pakistan in the field of IT!

I am not being jerk and writing this to make people laugh their A**of*. I see somebody mentioned her about this issue and she replied:

We are IT people, we know what 404 page means and how to properly use 404 pages and else then this you can mentioned somewhere on the website (Home page) that the website is under construction so that one can imagine the height of professionalism.

These above mentioned changes can fix within hours (please check the date of the tweet) but…
What i just wanted to say is when potential investors from foreign countries wanted to invest like they invest in India they have to have some confidence on where they are investing. With this kind of website of Pakistan software house association if you want giants like Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and others to come and invest in Pakistan then I can only say one thing… Good luck!

In the end I just wanted to tell in general that it’s not only our freaking culture who didn’t allow women to work with male, it’s not only terrorism which is letting us down professionally, it’s not only the lack of interest of our government who make investors think again before investing in the IT sector in Pakistan. It’s also the lack of professionals from the front line. It’s also the lack of responsibility by those who somehow call them self our image.

I just have a one question to them… Power of IT, Is that a joke to you? 

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