Friday, January 28, 2011

An Optimized Reply to... – Sequel to Open with Love!

(This post has nothing to do with my personal life and relationship. This is purely a myth of my mind and posted on the blog just for fun.)

(This post is the reply of the 1st post named ‘Open with Love’)

To My Sweet,

I received your letter yesterday and writing this content in against of the same. The letter you sent me yesterday was heart breaking and this make me sad seriously, I was feeling the same that I felt when once Google banned my website from the search engine.
Please, I request you to reconsider your letter once again. You said in your letter that your mother didn’t understand what my job is, this might be because she though this SEO word is not English and some other language and it was hard to recognize her, this happens with some search engines well who cannot crawl the foreign language content but darling as I love you I am ready to translate my job I any language you want.

Honey! I never cheated you or Google; it’s you and Google who are always my first priority.  The content I use to deliver when we ever we met is purely original and high quality and cannot come under the umbrella of content farming. I can understand the seriousness of our relationship and that’s why I never tried the content that can bring the content duplication issue.

I never used any clocking technique in order to be good in your eye because I understand that our relationships is long term and I do not prefer to use unethical technique to win your heart.

Honey! Just because of you, I created some strong social media connections with some dangerous brands like your father that can really hurt my reputation. I put a no follow tag to all your friends and I never allowed any one add a guest post on my website just because I want my relationship to be personal and private (unlike facebook privacy).

I put some great and powerful firewalls so that our relationship can never get hacked by spammers like facebook CEO’s fan page get hacked.

Honey! I not only loved you as a girl friend but I loved you like I love my website and respect you as I respect Google, now you want to end up this relationship by some low quality content?… that’s not fair.

You should consider your letter again and give me the advantage of my domain age and link popularity.

Do comment on the post I write above,

Truly yours,
The Lover SEO.

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