Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open with Love!

To my Sweetest Love,

Hope you are doing well. Love, you are amazing and we when together make a perfect match. My best friend’s friend (BFF) thinks that I am the amazing and the luckiest person on earth to have you. You are sweet, caring and very romantic which is good for me.

Love, you know unlike this e-mail letter I prefer to have SMS chats, Phones Calls or Meeting in person but the reason I am writing this letter is because this is something what I wanted to tell you from the last 3 months.
Look Honey, the thing that I am about to discuss is a bit harsh and may hurt you so I am already sorry for that. Sweet we are together for more than 2 years now and we had a great time together but this is the time to take a decision and your proposal was marriage on the last date make me excited until yesterday when I discussed the same with my mother.

Sweet, she didn’t mind about our relationship but even then she said no and the reason is I was failed to convince her that you are on some reputable job.

It’s not like I didn’t tried to convince her but like me after the 20 minute of speech she didn’t get even a word out of it. I did lot of research and went to every link you sent me to understand your job and like me she come up with the word ‘Google Cheater’ which is very unethical. I believe you, and this is the only reason why I think your job is ethical or else the next word I found with SEO is SPAM so it might be some kind of it.
Honey, you know the kind of pressure I have about getting married and my cousin who is an Intern accountant in some bank is already interested in me.

So, either you try and get some reputable job or else I had to miss you!

Yours Lover.

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