Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me and the guy inside me!

There is a guy inside me who hate real life and I am ready to deal with it so we never agree on the topic "WORLD". He likes to document his stuff in a physical file, I think computer is better. He marks his important meetings and tasks on paper and I think Google calendar is free for a reason. He thinks books are men’s best friend; I think yes E-books really are.

Once he and I were sitting together thinking about our opposite personalities and trying to figure out one single thing in common.

We starts with Lying, he think lying is not good and it’s dangerous. It can put someone in trouble and I said come on! this is how people go, if you are not going to ditch somebody then someone will ditch you. Didn't you see Uncle Sam’s life? He is still a farmer only just because his partner ditched him and that partner is chilling in New York might be think how fool Uncle Sam is! He turn his head down, I certainly made him speechless.

Keeping his head down he said, “what about helping others”? Before even he takes a breath I laugh loudly just to make him feel bad, though it was mean. You should reconsider you and your ‘EX Best Friend’s’ case. He feels really bad this time, bad as he wanted to dig a whole and burry himself.

He said, ‘world is not only filled with the bad people.’ I said, ‘Then why everyone says you are failing and I am successful?’

It’s just because you don’t lie and I can! It’s because you think world is filled with good people and I don’t trust the people sitting next to me. People think you are mad from your head and I am smart enough just because you talk about what a world should be and I am smart because I don’t speak for a change.
He was speechless and tears were getting out of his eyes and reaching to his chin through his cheeks. He was head down and looking at the ground with the wide open eyes. I left him there because I think he need to shout loudly and cry may be.

I know he was right but what he thinks is not what we called WORLD.

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