Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Captcha!

E7cbb5fcy; ever gone through this monkey jumping on a tree sort of words on Internet? No?, I bet you are using the Internet for the first time. This stupid Alien language is known as captcha in English, though I am not happy with this name but I don’t complain as the name is as wired as the words usually are.

The worst part about this captcha thing is you cannot pass this by you have to go through this or else you are a spammer… I some time gets out of control when that freaking blog comment box ask me before I click on the submit button, ‘Are you Human?’ Grrr! No, I am robot… and Humans are dead… you don’t trust me ask ‘Flight of the Conchords’ they are sure they made a song on it.

Don’t you think this captcha thing is more like your best friends girl friend? Every time you plan to do something good at the 11th hour she came and mess-up the whole thing and even after that she is innocent and God’s wonderful creature on earth… the same way the writer of the post and reader are engaging and about to do something good this captcha comes in between just to conform if I am human or not… #wth/f!

I was talking with my friends on this couple of days back and they said come on its simple and it helps you stay away from spam commenter’s who are desperate to sell their herbal medication when no one in the world wants to buy them. I do agree that this helps but for heaven sake the words should be readable… I mean just check out the image here:


I believe no ‘HUMAN’ can read this without moving his neck on several different degrees… At least I can’t no matter if you stop calling me a human.

I have no clue who created this captcha thing but I have an open request to him/her. Mate life is already very complicated… Phone Bills, house rent, twitter Passwords, girl friend and lots of other problems… then why the hell this neck breaker captcha? Don’t you know how annoying it is? I thought this internet and computer stuff is there to make one’s life easier but if this is what you mean by easy I better go back to that Stone Age and flirt Lady Ada Lovelace (First Computer programmer ever.)

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