Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Allowed!

She looked at me with controlled emotions; she was trying to control her laughter and hiding her teeth by covering them up with the lips and she suddenly laughed, she was laughing her ass off… and how did you get in then?, She asked!

I called my friend and then he called her friend who was already inside… she came out and get me in, I explained the whole story step by step.

She gives me a wired look as if i had commits a crime, ‘This is ridiculous’… and she took a glass of juice. 

‘Whatever!’ I ignored her.

There was a complete silence for about 10 or maximum of 15 seconds and then she started to laugh again… I was feeling like bang her head against the wall as what ever happened was not funny to me.

I feel like kill them all bustards! Who have no idea what family is all about? No but seriously! Who put this freaking restriction in a shopping mall? Moreover on Sundays! They really need to get a life.


I cut her; I really don’t want her to speak... I said, ‘No but God forbid If a guy have only father left and he have no one else in the family he cannot go in to the mall and get some shopping done? This is ridiculous. Government should take some action on this bullshit!

Yeah Right! She laughed loudly… you know what; you are an ass hole… Why you always complain about things? Why don’t you understand that you were wrong?

I looked at her with anger! I would have thrown the glass of juice towards her if she speak a word after that… but she didn't. She could guess from my face that how pissed I am!

So you think going alone for a shopping on Sundays in a public shopping center is wrong? Are you nuts? Before she even speaks I said... you know what you really need a psychiatrist!

She start to laugh and this time I started to laugh after her… cuz she is a professional psychiatrist J

That laughter makes me feel better…I grab the glass of juice again and take a sip or two…

She breaks the ice and said, ‘hey, I think you should know that you are kind of a problem child who complains about everything in life.

What? I was shocked on this! Like what? I never complain things…

She cut me and said, ‘Yeah right! What’s your problem with the Twilight then?’

This was the time when I can bang my head against the wall and I said, ‘Oh! Please don’t start this all over again!

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