Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Most Irritating Love Story!

It was 5:30 PM when I entered in her room and she was sitting on one corner of her blue color room using her very own computer.

She trued around, looked at me and said, ‘Where are you from the last 2 months? No call nothing’ she further asked.

Me: I was busy with my new job and also I was trying to get out of the dream I saw few months back!

Anum: What the F#(%? It takes you months to get out of the dream? Don’t tell me you fall in love?

Me: Hell no! But this is a love story and honestly I didn’t write or create this story it’s just what I see, infect this is not the way I write…. This is dream…and I am just watching it like you watch a movie or something…

Anum: (with the lines over the forehead) Love story by you? How many people actually died/killed in the story?

Me: No one, I told you it’s not my story and that is why I am not sure if it is going to be entertaining or not!

Anum: I am curious! What is the story and how it goes? At least come up with the one liner…

Me: Well a love story where a hippopotamus named “Bozo” falls in love with the Fox named Jasmine.

Anum: Fox and Jasmine technically didn’t suites…

Me: (Pissed this time) I am not the writer I am just a narrator…

Anum: Ok, I am sorry! But are you sure this is going to be interesting?

Me: To be honest I am not sure but the other animals that live with than were pissed and irritated.

Anum: (while thinking!...) hmmm! But Fox should be intelligent how can fox fall in love with Bozo?

Me: I didn’t say fox falls in love… I said Bozo falls in love with…

Anum: (interpreted me in between) But why would then fox allow the bozo to move his tail around her?

Me: It’s not because she loves… I think she have her own concerns…

Anum: This is confusing but sounds interesting over all… and how did they meet anyways?

Me: They both work in a restaurant… The Jasmine is the head chef and Bozo is the assistant to her.

Anum: the bloody bozo falls in love with his boss actually

Me: yeah in one way she is the boss!

Anum: This is cheap… even bloody illiterate person should think before whatever he do..

Me: Let it go you might change your point of view…

Anum: This is cheap and I am not going to change on this…

Me: You might, when other started to get cheaper you eventually change your thoughts about the 1st person… this is human psychology isn’t it?

Anum: (a bit louder from the normal tone) forget it what happens next then?

 Me: Well Its long so I need a cup of coffee for this one!

Anum: You are such an A** (she stood up to make a coffee)

Me: No Milk Low sugar plz… :)

While we had our coffee you think what’s going to be the next!! :)

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