Friday, April 22, 2011

Frightened Woman

“There's no bitch on earth like a mother frightened for her kids.” And imagine a woman who saw her child dying right in front of her eyes. She was quiet but angry and this is not from the day or two but this is from the last 8 years.

It was another Sunday morning and like every one she was in the church and listening the Sunday mass, Father was preaching and the topic was Hope, She stood up from her seat and shout loudly, ‘Stop this non-sense’ People witnessed her speaking after years.

She said, ‘Hope is nothing, there is no such thing as Hope in this world, and people who invent this word are either stupid that they think that all is well when actually there is all dark or they are smart enough to make us fool. They themselves are sitting at the sea shore, laughing and watching us drowning. Hope is illusions like Love, Like Humanity and like GOD.’  She moved back and started to leave the church, she was full of anger! No one was willing to say even a word to her and at last father asked her to stop! And asked, “What are you up to lady?” she moved back, she was angry, her eyes were red and wet, she said, ‘there are few things which are real in this world! Like Hate and like Revenge and this is what I am up to!”

It was only 10 PM and the village was quite like someone has died, closed shops, no men on the street, the only thing that was ruling the streets of village was the air creating scary sounds and the night went like that.

The night went smooth and the next morning sun lights begins to spread its light to every dark spot, villagers started to get out of their houses and women move towards the well as usual, everything was very normal until a women scream, she screamed hard as the people around run towards her and saw a dead body of the same lady who was shouting in the church with the knife knobbed inside her body and a written latter was placed under the stone that says:

“I don’t know if GOD is real or just a myth of some really great people but if GOD is there he is unfair… He let me watch my kid dying on the road when the sun was over the head and summer was on its peak and put me in a helpless situation where I can’t help my son, not even can die for him and then killed his killers in some police encounter… I couldn’t even see them dying.

If GOD is really there then I am finishing myself and asking him Why?” 

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