Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee with a SEO Expert

Last morning I was in a cafe, having my coffee when a six feet tall man came in to the coffee bar and take a seat proper at the front associated with my desk and ordered an espresso, a java with low milk and low sugar.

It was close to 9:30 AM the spot had been very calm when this individual breaks the glacier.

‘Nice Place ha!’ he asked!

‘Yeah!’ I responded and get back to what i was reading.

‘Oh… so that you are a SEO!’ this individual begin again!

I figured to disregard that pal yet I couldn’t, for two reasons 1. I had been stunned how he knew regarding my profession? 2. Even after years my mom produced "cable" kind of faces any time an individual states S-E-O, then how come he knows what SEO is?

I was surprised and also baffled (kind of combined expression), ‘how do you know this?’
Having a wide crappy basic on his confront he pointed the finger in the direction of my office card dangling, ‘It states you are an SEO Analyst’. Before I looked right down to notice my own card, this individual move his hand forward and said, ‘I am an SEO Expert!’

The moment he said Expert (as I am not really expert) the following term came in to mind is actually ‘Question!’ So rather than straight wondering, I follow the format, I tremble hands with him along with the grin about my own confront I asked, ‘so what do you do in SEO?’

He was professional this time, he said, ‘well! I actually do everything like search engine submission, directory Submission and also Blog commenting and forum Posting (all white hat)’

My coffee was almost finished; I controlled my own inner thoughts and set my book in the bag and said, ‘Awesome! Well as i am not really the *expert like you*…i cannot do all of the SEO myself’
I got the bag, managed my laughter/anger and obtain out from the bar the moment I can!

And on the way from cafe right up till the office I was contemplating one thing, Why *Expert* why not the father of SEO?

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