Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday PAL!

Q: Who cares how old are you but everyone cares what you have achieved… and achieved sounds funny on you… You are a big shit looser, so let’s start with the question what you have lost till yet… almost everything? LOL
A: Well, wrong… This time I have achieved something… the meaning of so many things comes at the front of me and I am in the state of change… Some people come to me as an eye opener… they teach me something which is horrible but truth.

Q: Yeah! And what is that anyways?
A: They teach me that life is a mathematical formula and there is no emotional links between the people what is normally denoted as love!
Q: What? :o then what is Love?
A: Oh! It’s nothing… it’s fun, like just the barter of words and sometimes actions in order to entertain each other…
Q: Pal, what about the relationship between the two people?
A: Come on ma friend! Its life… you know business if he/she is with you obviously he/she needs something from you and so as you. Whoever will be the smart person will win!
Q: Win?
A: Yeah! Come on you need him/her right? Be nice and gentle with them and once you are done with your work! Through them out of the window… you know! toilet paper!… use and waste :)
Q: But… humanity?
A: LMFAO… open your eyes ma friend you won’t even gonna find this kind of thing in the museum these days.
Play your game gently and wisely because in the end… even when you go for the relationship bonding what counts is your bank account. It’s not always about money but when you are emotionally low... find some stupid and be with him for a while and then leave him/her come on you cannot live with them for a whole life right?
Q: Come on pal, wake up (with anger) is this not a fucking business deal where you can screw up some one and all this is a damn life.
A: Yeah! It’s not a business deal but it is a deal… look in business you invest money here you invest time and time is again… Think again my friend! It’s all Maths going on in this world.
Q: Pal you gone freak!
A: really? am I? lol… well you are lucky enough that nobody teach you this practically but if you will gonna go through it you will remember me! M-A-T-H-S. Give and take.
Good Luck and yeah! Thanks for the Birthday wish!

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