Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul Popup's!

Reading is not only my habit, it’s my job. I not only read the words related to my job or my area of interest but sometimes randomly go for anything, Recipe, News, Sports and lot others I guess it’s good to have information about several different things, at least you got material to talk and write.

“Paul is Dead, The World of Soccer will miss him”, this was the status of one of my Facebook friend and I was questioning to myself, why the world of soccer will miss him? I think the people bet on games and sports will surly gonna miss him and they have good reason for that but why Soccer World? Any ways I got to know that Paul is dead and he spent his normal span of life and everything is normal.

What makes me nuts is the pop ups, the Paul pop ups. I was in the office van and everyone was talk about Paul’s funeral, I remember last time I didn’t see them talking about the tax issue, election or office employment layoff? Why Paul?

“Thanks GOD”, I said the moment van stops at the front of the office door and probably this was the first time I thank GOD for reaching the office J

I signed in and open the PC I got a pop up from my fellow office colleague, the same stuff:
“Paul is no more with us: Check this link http://.....” I humbly replied, “Yeah! I got the news” and was thinking he was not with us even when he was alive.

Another and then one more… now this was the limit, by the end of first half it was like 6 pop ups about the Paul’s death and everyone was expecting me that I’ll leave my words on it just because I am a soccer lover.
For God sake guys, get out of it. I don’t hate animals but leaving the world is a natural process and he die like every other specie present on the earth. If you still think I am rude then you may be a sports fixer or you seriously need to get a life.

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