Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hibernation Period!

I was not off, dead or according to one of my friend R.I.P, I was just struggling to get out of me to know me who I am? Sounds complicated and to some people cheap. Relax! I am not with the intention to start a love story here (with the sad ending!)

It was just I was exploring myself who I am and what my potential is! Tried so many new things, some are in progress, some ups and down… but overall the journey was fun! What I realize is that progress in life depends upon ups and downs in life. If you are continuously going down or continuously going up then I believe there is a problem.

Ok! From the writing point of view I was writing few different pieces, Dark, Real and Comedy to check where I am good.

Some of my pieces are:

An Important Man!

Story of a man who kill another with No Mercy without any good reason.


It’s about a Chemistry teacher who teaches the formula of Life.

The Last Race

The Last Race of the genius who is still very nearer to my Heart R.I.P.

An Alien Girl Friend

To me it was a normal post; I still don’t understand why people don’t like this?

Life without Facebook

A prototype of Life without facebook. Wrote on the night when facebook was dead for 30 mins. This was fun!

She was in Love

She was in LOVE! That’s all I can say!


To me it was a sequel, to one of my friend this was one of my horrible piece ever!

Assessment of a Serial Killer

A Victim decided his punishment in his own court being himself the judge.

Encounter at a Coffee Shop

Funny Conversation between Rambo of First Blood and Chuck Norris.

Ok! Story time is over so should we do some work now? Oh Yes! After all I am an Internet Marketing Person as well J

My first ever Guest blog for Pak Mash, It was about the Online shopping Problems in Pakistan.

Online Shopping in Pakistan – A Love with Complications

Ok this was something I was busy with and a lot more is still in progress so will gonna update you soon. For rite now enjoy this and do tell me if you like or dislike any of the post above.

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