Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was watching Matrix last night and this time it gives me a new thought at the middle of the movie. I pause the movie and start thinking about it. We all live in a Matrix, Yes! We all are living in a Matrix. We don’t decide according to what we believe is right. We decide what are system and surroundings wants’ us to think and decide. Long story short somebody has a control over our decisions, our thoughts and he/she is controlling us like a puppet.

Whatever it is which is trying to control over the world may or may not be a machine, technology or computer but if it is then the world will be so different I don’t know may be funny.

Just think about this family:

Honey, I have good news and the bad news together. “What? I want the bad and then a good one”, wife replied. Husband said, “I have been laid of from the company but the good news is that I got the good job with the batter salary in some other state so we have to move there. Wife think for a while and then turn on his laptop and start looking at the statistics, after a minute or two she come closer to him and said politely, “look! Honey I love you but as a matter of fact I have just started the my business and my Google rankings are not suitable to your desired location, so you have two choices now either to stay here and find a new job or we have to choose our own ways.

Or maybe a couple who wanted to sell their house and planning to move to the new location; “Hey! You said we are going to LA then why Georgia? Wife asked while looking the flight tickets. Husband casually replied, “I talked to My SEO Company about LA but they said my furniture business didn’t have much search volume in LA and I may lose my money by moving to LA so the best decision for me is to stay there or if I need the relocation Georgia is the better place.

Think practically, the above given two cases are not just the thoughts, these are the people in between us and these kind of people are known as practical thinkers or allow me to call them smart thinkers. I am not the captain of the ship to guide you if we are going to the wrong direction what I mean is to think with me where we are going and if it is the right direction? Should we adjust into the Matrix? Should we call this a real world? Are we ever going to get out of this jail? Think again!

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