Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shit Happens…

Yesterday in the party when people were giggling around and bartering words and emotions between each other, when people were showing off their cloths, branded shoes and watches to become the center of attraction, when people were talking about upcoming weddings in their friends and family circle, my mind suddenly clicks… it restarts, it witnessed a shock.. Yes! Yes, I think of you, yes I remember you! When I saw my friend with a confident face on the wedding stage, happy and excited as I have never seen him before yes I missed you…

But then I realize, it’s over, isn’t it? you know what? shit happens!

When I saw the charming face with the wide smile that I never witnessed before, a face full of satisfaction and confusion at the same moment… either it was indescribable or kind of mixed emotions that is at least very hard to explain. When I saw his family around running to here and there in the hall to check if people invited have any problem and in case of any they fix it right away! Yes when I see friend’s gathering teasing the newly married guy, I missed you! My wide simile suddenly changed and I started to thought the good time we spent together….

But it’s over now right? I realize that the shit has happens to me seriously!

When I was sitting on the special table with the guy of the night and all the other friends, i feel the happiness around me and even inside me… my heart never wanted to leave them all and what ever what happening there. I just wanted that time to stop by and let me enjoy it full but I know time never stops! time is of no one and time never waits for anybody!

I know sometimes I put the fake simple on my face but this is now the part of my next life as I know I’ll miss you and I know that shit is going to happen again and again!

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