Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Independence day Assessment – A Black coffee with no Sugar

August the 1st, few more days to go for the big day. The independence day of Pakistan. The day when people of sub-continent acquire the fruit of the several years of the continuous struggle.

I appreciate it, we get the day off to celebrate it, national songs, prayers, promises and few bunch of idiots come on TV and give some idiotic speeches… but are we really good?, do we really care about our independence day? And questions to some wanna be burgers… do you really know why we get the day off on August 14th?

Don’t you think we get the day off not to celebrate but for the assessment of who we are? Where we should be and what we are doing in the name of Islam, Muslims and two nation theory?

Come on! Let’s do that today! Let’s start the assessment of what we are doing and what we should do!

I live in a city where people die more than the people live. I live in a country where an idiot come on TV and say “Degree is degree… no matter fake or legitimate.” I live in a country where people are more excited about “Expendables” release more than the Independence day of Pakistan. I live in a country where the special trained dogs cannot even detect the planted bomb what a normal human with little experience can. The funny thing is the man who detect the bomb get the transfer letter as an increment, appreciation or whatever you call it.

60+ Years of Independence and we are standing nowhere! Simply nowhere in the list of successful countries. I live between the people who think kissing a snake is bravery (bull shit). We are one of those people who cannot think anything good about other people. I live between the people where a 17 year old kid shows the original iphone 3GS in his hand when his father is only a mediocre level worker at Income tax office and I am one of those people who knows everything but don’t want to speak, don’t want to change, don’t want the betterment. We all are the barking dogs.

Today after 60+ years of our independence, we are more illiterate, more corrupt, more violent, more disgusting and more revolt. Today I see myself standing nowhere. Today I am guilty, because when the police asked me for a bribe, instead of stand against him I give him the bribe. I am ashamed of myself and I have several reasons for it. Here I am standing today.

Now, where I will be? Am I going to change myself?... Are we going to change our self? Don’t know about you but I have already lost my 1 teacher and 2 friends who stand out for a change and what I get is shit. I have seen the mothers who lost their child for no reason.

I am guilty, and this is where I am standing, cuz every time I think of a change. I got the clear picture of my father who worked day and night for my batter education and comfort… I don’t know what I should do but one thing is definite I am a guilty bull shit.


  1. that's the problem of a nation,we r lost nation who lost their destiny...

  2. Nice post Moosa...

    @furry : i disagree with you ... we know our destiny but we don't have a Leader.. thats our problem...

  3. this is why i advice ya to add a bit of sugar to that cuppa coffee. it wont change anything but at least ya wont be this bitter.

  4. it's nt bitter it's a reality....

    @ AVd: wid out leader people r like sheep, and its a reality that destiny is lost...

  5. That's exactly why Patriotism is the Virtue of the Vicious (Quoted by Oscar Wilde), and may I add, and Stupid.