Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yet Another Journey Ends…

I was young, too young to be on a Mic, when I hit the radio for the first time. It was fun, entertaining and different. I was there with my friend just to see the world on the other side of the Mic. It was hard to believe that the people on the other side of the Mic were also human with same; two legs, two hands the only difference was that, they speak a lot and I was shy (dumb).

One room full of people and women with a single point agenda “Keep Quite” and YES I can’t forget that the red light turns on exact at 9 AM Sunday Morning.

The last time I hit the mic was for the segment “Nice to meet you” for Program “From the Campus”. A Interview with the Principal of some College. She was good…study isn’t :p

Beside work, Radio was almost a second home for me. Lots of teaching love and people who care for me and yes! Some people who hate me but they didn’t have any other choice but to ignore me. All over, it was the height of fun and life.

At radio, everyone was unique, like everyone else and I guess that’s the beauty. Can’t forget few names ever in my life because these are the people who support me and appreciate me on my stupid recordings (I laugh loudly when I listen to them now…though m not a genius even now) but I can simply realize that if they were not supportive at that time I can’t get improved.

Again, I don’t think I am genius or perfect but still I think the radio time is over for me... Life will still move on but now I have different priorities and responsibilities in life to deal with.

I have seen the different ups and down, good and bad time at radio and It was the real fun. By reading this I think you can say, “It’s Boring” and as a matter of fact I knew it! But it’s hard for the express the joy associated with Radio Pakistan.

Life is life. It’s time to move on and this is the time to warmly welcome new people to come in…probably this is the time for a new people to come in and rock!!

I know this is the time to say Good Bye but I will obviously gonna miss my friends, teachers and people associated to that place. There is one echo in my mind which will never allow me to forget this heaven that is the punch line “Ye Radio Pakistan hay…” (This is Radio Pakistan!)

I will be more than just happy to help in any manner I can, to the team I have worked with (if possible) and this is not because I am too kind but this is because they have made my life. I was dumb they make me at least some thing. I was nothing and they polished me.

I thank all of the people who helped me in making me what I am today. Special Thanks to Baji, Asif bhai, Sister Baji :p, Man of UK, Folio 3, Faheem, MJ, Ex Warid telecom, Strict Man, Dr. Baqai Uni. And the list goes on… (nice way to hide the real names :) )


  1. Ohhhh:o
    EX WARID........there is no need to say thanks we did nothing but we all just embossed good memories
    for the lives....

  2. The post is magnificent but I strongly agree to the fact yes the FACT that you were abnormal before however, now I look at you I see some difference. No doubt about your radio staff that they really molded you to the person you are today.

  3. MY mY!!!!! i am flattered first of all....& yeah Radio makes us or if i said it polishes us thn it would b better i guess!! This article is jst not assosiate with ur self but also reflects all of us ( ur radio mates)& yeah life has to go on and on but the tym u spend if beautiful thn it always pin u and save at the back of our mind as a precious memory!!!!
    GOD BLESS U dear...Hope ul Rock at every stage of life as its jst a beggning ;)))

  4. mere bare main comments konse hain?????????khair....mosa ...acha waqt guzra hai magar abhe tmhara radio carrer end nhe hoa,,jese pehle tmhain yad kiya hai inshallah phir kabhi bhi karonga,,,khush raho,,,yad rakhne ka shukrya...eatisam