Thursday, July 1, 2010

Degree is Degree!

Degree is Degree, no matter fake or legitimate. This is the saying of one of our ministers in Quetta, Mr. Aslam Raisani. You might be shocked and surprised but I am not and before you come up with the question that do I have the fake degree? So before you ask let me clear this thing that I am an idiot so I am struggling for a degree.

While me and a friend were waiting outside the office washroom (A usual practice) he asked, “When these ministers are going to educate themselves?” and I replied, “My friend you need to grow up and as far as the ministers are concern the government officials are well educated even some on the higher ranks (may be, president) are over educated.

The fake degree, mobile snatching, target killing, bomb blast and other non-humanitarian activities are actually our culture, and PEMRA “Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority” in calibration with the private channels wanted to demolish this culture like the opposition wanted to demolish the government before their usual time (5 fuckin Years). I support opposition; I always support opposition no matter who they are? At least they are doing their work (Opposing the government).

Yes I agree, Degree is a Degree, nothing else. Degree does not make any difference its money; degree does not make you powerful its PR (Political Relationships). So what if you have the legitimate degree? I can show you thousands of people in a county with the genuine degree but are jobless. Show me one person who is jobless with a fake degree!

It may be hard to believe that degree is nothing but a fuckin piece of paper (pardon my language). What all I want is to reconsider few factual problems in Pakistan, two of the most highlighted problems are child labor and Jobless MBAs. Let’s cut the crap that what we can do for them and all but see these problems from the different angle. Look, children have jobs and MBAs are jobless that’s because degree is degree, nothing else, degree is a fuckin piece of shit, degree is not going to give you money or job or financial success.

What can give you above mentioned pleasures? That’s what you have to figure out! Remember a normal person with no schooling is illiterate but a wealthy man with no schooling is a dropout!

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  1. These maniacs are just on the rise nowadays. What we can do is to focus on ourselves and do our best to reach the top spot on the ladder otherwise, I see that one will be left nowhere.